E-Liquid Filling Machine,E Cigarette Filling Machine,Eyedrops Filling&Capping Machine YMGXE

The E-Liquid Filling Machine/Eyedrops Filling Capping Machine is suitable for plastic and glass bottles of various shapes。 PLC controlled peristaltic pump filling。 It functions as the new generation equipment of eyedrops production in the pharmaceutical industry, but is also used for packing small dosage liquid for other industries。

Key Features:
  • PLC controlled peristaltic pump filling, easy to clean and switch between different liquids. Ceramic and glass piston pump is optional.
  • Filling volume is precise and be adjusted without stopping the machine.
  • No bottle no filling, no plugging.
  • Adjustable torque lossless magnetic force slipping capper, no damage to bottle and cap.
  • Equipped with automatic protection and alarm device that complies with GMP. 
  • Optional 100c laminar flow is optional.
Technical parameter
  • Volume: 2-30ml (customizable)
  • Capacity: 40-60pcs/min  80-120pcs/min
  • Air supply: 0.4-0.8mpa 
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Power: 1.2Kw
  • Net weight: 650Kg
  • Dimension: 2400×1000×1600mm

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